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MODELS For Customs

Contact us Bondagefan2002@gmail.com for customs.


July 10th

Claire Irons



July 28th



August  7th

Jamie Knotts

Bella Ink

Customs can also from models from 

Pepper Sterling

Kody Evans

London Evans 

Macy Nicole

Contact us at bondagefan2002@gmail.com if you are interested. 




 Tell us your fantasy, we will make it real!!



 We all love bondage, but we all have different fantasies... even though there is thousand of bondage videos out there, it's really hard to find one that suits 100% to our personal perfect fantasy


At boundinthemidwest.com we know that, so now we offer the service of Custom Videos, this time you will be in total control of what's going on the video!!



 We can do anything you want. We'll put on video your fantasy following your exact instructions: from simple scenarios like a girl trying to get free in order to win a bet, till more complex stories like secretaries tied up by burglars, the FBI agent captured, the spoiled schoolgirl tied up by her teacher or the kidnapped wife of a wealthy man; you write the script, we make it real!! 


 Pick your scenario, number of models, how do you want your models to look like, let us know if you want tape gag, cleave gag, ball gag or all of them in the same video!! It can involves nudity hogties, handcuffs, zip cuffs, several babes tied up, or if your thing is women on control, we can do guys tied by girls. We can get you any outfit you want for the babes: an elegant satin dress, the executive woman outfit with blouse and tie, a hot bikini, the policewoman disguise, or an anime Cosplayer outfit, you just pick what you want on your video... your fantasy doesn't get more real than this!!!



 Our videos are shot with modern cameras in Full 4k,and Sending to you in 1080p with awesome quality.  and even if you burn your video to a DVD and play it on your TV it will play just as smooth and clear as any professional movie! No pixels or jumping frames, it will have the quality of the movies you rent in your video store.



 It's simple: send us a general background of your fantasy to bondagefan2002@gmail.com, please explain on detail how many models do you want on your video, scenario, wardrobe, kind of gags and restrains, etc... we will get back to you with a budget needed to shoot your video and we'll introduce you the models than might fit the look you're looking for. We can work with blondes, brunettes, hot Latinas, redheads, black babes, cute Asians, just ask!!


 We also have contact with famous bondage models and some Pornstars, if you want a model or Pornstar in particular, let us know and we might hire her for your video!!! 


 Once you have selected your models and sent us your script, we will request for the payment: you can pay via: venmo, PayPal, Money Order, Western Union. Doesn't matter in which country you live, there is always a way to send the money. With the money down, everything is ready for the shooting!! We'll film your video, edit it in our studio in the midwest and we will send it to you.


 So, don't waste more time, contact us now, tell us your fantasy.... and let us make it real!!



www.c4s.com/78415 for our full video catalog






(1) We can do anything you want as long as you stick to a minimal amount of good taste. We won't do anything of the following: explicit sex, hardcore bondage including torture, hooks, hangings, suffocation, purple breast, underwater bondage or any other dangerous actions than might endanger our models' safety. Don't even ask us if we do minors, not only we don't work with minors but if you ask us, we will report you to Police. Most bondage fantasies are in our possibilities, as long as it's not really a hardcore stuff. We reserve the right to take or reject any job.


(2) Some of our models are not willing to do nudity and we can't force them. Most of them are ok with nudity but it depends from model to model.


(3) Since famous bondage models or pornstars are usually touring or are not based in the Midwest, they might or might not be available. Ask us anyway about your favorite model/actress, we'll try to book the shooting with her.




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